Dr. Alberto Cadena




Dr A specializes in advanced procedures such as Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Hysterectomy, Implantable Bioidentical Hormone replacement therapy, Microscopic sterilization reversal, pelvic floor reconstruction, in office procedures, fertility therapy, as well as weight loss/health management. His emphasis is on a laparoscopic approach versus an large open wound. This allows for a more rapid recovery with considerably less pain and hospitalization time.  Our hysterectomy patients go home the same day or the next day, do not routinely require a bladder catheter after surgery,  are moving around immediately after surgery, are on oral pain medication the day of surgery and eating solid foods the day of surgery.   He also offers full obstetrical services and fertility therapy.


Adolescent  Gynecology:  With the right approach & non-rushed environment, the first gynecologic exam does not have to be a traumatic experience.. By discussing all steps involved in the gynecologic exam, prior to any physical exam being done, the patient  knows what to expect without having any dreaded surprises. My young patients often say “ that wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be”.


As adolescents approach their high school years, they are faced with many challenges that require an honest approach & an open door policy. I provide an honest and positive environment allowing for uninhibited dialogue and encourage my patients to discuss

their issues with their parents. However, if they feel uncomfortable, they can call any time with their questions. In giving them this honest approach, teenagers are more open to being educated concerning topics such as teenage pregnancy, exposure to STD's,

and substance abuse, all the while encouraging responsible behavior.


Endometrial Ablation: This is a minimally invasive procedure that treats the lining of the uterus & seals it to dramatically improve heavy periods in possible avoidance of a hysterectomy. In approximately 35% of patients, there is complete resolution of periods

life long.


Fertility Therapy: By using oral agents to induce the release of eggs (ovulation), one can accurately time ovulation & coitus(sex)

to increase the chances of conception/pregnancy. Each monthly therapy carries a 50-60% pregnancy rate.


Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Hysterectomy: This modern minimally invasive procedure allows for the removal of a large uterus from small incisions allowing for a dramatically fast recovery in a short period of time. Dr A has removed uteri weighing in excess of 692g through this minimally invasive approach. This a dramatic improvement over traditional hysterectomy.


Hysteroscopic Resection of Fibroids: This is a vaginal approach to the treatment of abnormal bleeding caused by submucosal fibroids (within the inside of the uterus) by resecting (shaving) the fibroids in avoidance of a hysterectomy.


Sterilization: We not only offer traditional sterilization, but also provide modern, incision-free, sterilization from a vaginal approach. We also follow the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology guidelines, including the complete removal of the fallopian tubes in order to reduce the risk for ovarian cancer.


Menopause: This is the time when a patient’s ovaries no longer function, creating symptoms of hot flashes, vaginal dryness, night sweats, insomnia and the decreased desire for sex. We offer modern subcutaneous hormone pellet therapy in addition to the traditional therapies. The advantage of the pellet therapy is that it offers dramatically better control over menopausal symptoms as opposed to other therapies at a much more affordable cost. Two pellets of naturally equivalent estradiol inserted under the skin controls one’s menopausal symptoms for 4-6 months versus daily and weekly traditional methods. Estradiol is the naturally occurring hormone secreted prior to menopause. We also offer testosterone pellets to control hot flashes & to increase the desire for sex.


Contraception: We offer a large array of contraceptive options & counseling. 


Abnormal Pap Smear Management: An abnormal pap smear does not necessarily have to be such a scary experience if one explains things well. I often see  patients who do not understand what is wrong with them and are under the impression that they

have cervical cancer. After speaking with them, they have a better understanding of their problem and leave more relaxed with

a clear plan. We offer in office evaluation and therapies for abnormal pap smears.


Weight / Health Management: What woman ever wants to be overweight? We first approach weight management with diet & exercise modification.  I incorporate Triathlon exercise theory to achieve long lasting weight loss.  Most clinics offer medications for a quick fix, but the weight returns.  We also use these medications, but we address the root problem and teach a person how to properly eat and how to exercise adequately using Heart Rate monitoring.  We still allow fun foods to be consumed.  In this balanced approach, we have achieved 30lbs weight loss in 3 months with diet and exercise modification alone.  We also give medical therapy options to assist in achieving our goal of a normal weight. Weight loss allows for prevention of medical  complications such as back pain, high blood pressure, diabetes to name a few.  I REALLY enjoy this part of my practice as it improves a patients self esteem as well as their quality of life.  I follows along with my lifestyle of IRONMAN triathlon.


Sterilization Reversal: We offer the hope of a future pregnancy in those patients who have had their tubes tied/obstructed. This is accomplished through microscopic fallopian tube reconstruction.


General Obstetrics: We offer prenatal screening & care throughout a pregnancy As well as teaming up with a Perinatologist to

offer the most advanced ultrasound evaluation. I make every attempt to attend all of my patients deliveries as this is a special time between a physician, patient, and their family.