Dr. Alberto Cadena




All In the Family – Courtney, Heather, Sherry, Brandy

How did I end up at Dr. Cadena’s office? Well the answer to that question goes back to before I was born. My mom, Sherry, worked

for Rudy’s Sausage in Nashville and noticed the office of Dr. Guillermo Cadena on her way in to work every day. When it was time

for her to find an OB/GYN, she decided to give him a try.  Dr. G, as she called him, was very friendly and she absolutely loved his wife. As she recalls, “They were always smiling!” I think that might be part of the reason that she chose to stay on as his patient until he retired. Dr. G delivered all three of her children.


Several years on down the road, I began going to Dr. G myself. He was still the smiling man that my mom had told me about. After being with him for about 7 years and the birth of one child, he decided to retire. He assured me that I would love his son, Dr. A, but

I thought of course he would say that about his own son. Little did I know that there was someone who smiled more than Dr. G! Dr.

A is soon to deliver my third child and I have nothing but positive things to say about him. 


When my sister-in-law became pregnant a few years ago, she decided she wanted to change doctors. I recommended Dr. A and

she said she would give him a try. She is now about to deliver her second child with him.


My sister was the last of the group to join in. This past year, she decided that she wanted to try out the doctor that we all talked

about. She agreed that he was great at what he did and chose to stay on with him.


Now we are all thankful that my mom stopped by Dr. G’s office over thirty years ago. We are all happy that we have ended up with such a good doctor’s office to call home.


Kari Michael

"I've trusted Dr. A with my gynecological needs and have always found him to be very attentive. He never downplays my concerns

(no matter how silly at times), and is always willing to do the necessary research and/or testing to meet my medical needs. Now that

I recently found out I am pregnant, it is so comforting to know that I have a caring professional like Dr. A to monitor my health at this precious time."


Jessica Medina

"In the past three years, my husband and I have had difficulty conceiving due to some personal medical issues.I am so blessed to

say that I am now pregnant and my husband and I could not be more excited about this wonderful news. With the help of Dr. A, I look forward to this time next year when we have our beautiful baby. Dr. A’s expertise and knowledge in Obstetrics has been a blessing to me and my family, and I look forward to remaining in his care for more additions to our family."


Luz Elena Garcia-Orozco

"Yo recomiendo al Dr. A  porque excedio mis expectativas por el trato amable y los cuidados muy profesionales que me dio. Desde

la primera vez que mi esposo y yo conocimos al Dr. A sus atenciones siguen siendo igual de excelente."


Leslie Mitchell

"I am currently pregnant with my third child. Dr. A was my obstetrician with my second child. He was just such a great doctor that

there was no question about returning to him when we got pregnant. He is attentive to our (me and the baby) needs and always answers my questions and concerns with such care. You can feel that he genuinely cares about your well being. I meet women in the office all the time that drive great distances for him to be their doctor and I totally understand why. There really is no better doctor for our growing family than Dr. A."

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