Votiva is the latest, most effective therapy that allows us to stimulate collagen renewal, as well as increase the tone and circulation to the face and vaginal region.  Votiva uses radio-frequency energy to more effectively reach the deeper collagen layer, when compared to laser devices.  This allows Dr Cadena to treat the face by tightening and smoothing out the changes of time.  The patients say they notice their skin being more luminescent.  Our patients, and their partners, notice an immediate improvement to the vagina with, lubrication, tightening and sensation.  There is a permanent change to the face and vagina.  This results in physical and emotional enhancement.  Votiva is also used to resolve mild urinary incontinence, decrease facial acne, and dramatically decrease excessive sweating. We personalize the therapy to the patients needs. Our images are of actual patients who were treated over a 3 month period.  All this is achieved without cutting or stitches.  Contact our office for a free Votiva consultation.